About Turntable Merch

I have been under Rainbo’s roof since 1997. How fortunate can one human be to be part of its history? After 80 years, Rainbo Records can now proudly and gracefully retire into the annals of music history, or as I like to call it quite literally “Making the Noise”.

Enter The Merch Table. I started a music company to continue to assist independent bands and artists get their music and art to their audience. Please spread the word to your fellow artists and musicians so they could have my contact information for when they might need me for anything, and to reach out anytime.

Here is some things I am excited about and have to offer:

Vinyl and CD pricing is now up in the pricing section of www.turntablemerch.com. Please take a look and spread the word to fellow music friends. l am particularly proud to present this for these reasons:

1. The quantities and pricing are set to help bands and artists be able to sell merchandise for a decent margin more than their cost as well as not having to order much more than they need, thus sitting on boxes of merchandise.

2. The absolute best Vinyl lacquer masting and plating as well as CD mastering,

3. Both the Vinyl Pressing and Print/Packaging are handcrafted by musicians/ artists themselves and have a similar mindset.

4. In house graphic art design and layout. From Idea/Concept to finished product.

Knowing that most everyone in music has day jobs and gets their music work done in off-hours. We try to keep ourselves available when needed.

This is a new music company and it would be greatly appreciated if you can share with your fellow music and artist friends. Please reach out anytime.