Vinyl Record Jackets

Turntable Merch offers custom vinyl record jacket packaging solutions that are sure to make your vinyl stand out from others. From matte finishes to high gloss UV (ultraviolet) coatings, strike-through varnishes (dull and glossy coated), metallic foils, and more we have you covered.

If you have an idea, we can probably create it!

There are many types of record jacket packaging designs.

Below are some of the most standard vinyl record jacket packaging  formats.

Single Jacket
One pocket style, printed front and/or back.

2-Disc Jacket
A single (pocket) jacket that houses two discs in one pocket.

Gatefold Jacket
Folds down to the size of any standard size single record jacket. Printed interior panels. One or two pocket styles. Discs are housed within sleeve pockets located on the outer edges of the gatefold jacket. Other gatefold albums house discs within inner edges of the sleeves. These sleeves pockets are referred to as “wallet-style”.

Foldover/J-card Jacket
One sheet, typically paper, folded in half. No pockets (printed direct to paper, single or dual-sided (one or both sides)), folds down to the size of one standard jacket cover. Houses one record.